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Conventional cement stabilization , as we know it, has been around for more than 150 years.  Should one exclude modern road construction plant, not much has changed in road design and construction over this period.

 Technology, however cannot be ignored forever.  SoilTech Mk. III stabilizers have been around for 23 years.  This is a relatively short period in the history of road construction, with the majority of road builders not being familiar with the technology.

SoilTech Mk. III Stabilizer Skill Transfer

Once material testing has been completed and the engineers have designed the layer-works of the road, Polyroads will appoint an onsite SoilTech polymer specialist to supervise the road construction team in the correct application of SoilTech Mk. III.

The onsite skill transfer is fairly rapid, as the construction team normally has experience in cement stabilization and then merely learns how to apply liquid SoilTech into the water-bowsers and how to apply the correct dosage of SoilTech Mk. III diluted with water.  The skill transfer is normally lasts between one week and a month depending on the complexity of the project.