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The development of Smart Materials necessitates the deeper understanding not only of chemical reactions but also an in depth knowledge of geotechnical properties of different materials around the world.

Smart Materials contain revolutionary properties.  Materials science research is of necessity multi and cross-disciplinary, drawing from many aspects of physics, chemistry, engineering and geosciences.

Smart Materials at Polyroads have been developed to interact with a multitude of different materials in stabilizing and binding soils for road construction.   To understand a material, scientists and engineers examine its composition and structure and what it does under specific conditions.  Then, on the basis of what they have found, they can  modify that material (design/processing) to improve its behavior (performance) for particular industrial purposes.

Geotechnical Services includes;
  • Material grading
  • Maximum and minimum densities
  • Liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index
  • Californian Bearing Ratio
  • Unconfined compressive strengths
  • Tensile strength
  • Direct Shear
  • Triaxial compression testing
  • Smart Material interaction and binding with different materials