Smart Materials solutions are quite different to conventional layered road design using selected quarry materials with cement stabilization. In conventional road design, the materials used in road construction …


Polyroads are able to offer turnkey project management and finance for infrastructure projects to stable developing countries. These projects are financed through international institutions.


The development of Smart Materials necessitates the deeper understanding not only of chemical reactions but also an in depth knowledge of geotechnical properties of different materials around the world.


The construction of transport, township, mining and environmental infrastructure including roads, bulk earthworks, landfill sites, decline shafts, terraces for new developments and municipal services. Our environmentally-related projects include environmental rehabilitation and landfill gas recovery projects.


Polyroads engineers and Smart Materials application specialists are available international to assist partners and customers in maximising the efficacy of Smart Materials. This includes managing of construction teams to ensure that Smart Material application dead-lines are met.


Polyroads offers comprehensive local and internationalonsite training on all of their products. Civil constructionteams will find the Smart Material products veryforgiving and easy to apply once they have been trained.Nothing really changes from conventional roadconstruction. The same plant and constructionmethodologies apply. The only difference is theapplication methodology of SoilTech and AsphalTechpolymer modified bitumen.Drainage, road profiling, … Continue reading TRAINING